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MAR181860 - One of the premiere detectives of the dirty, sordid era of pulp comics of the 1930s, returns in a whole new collection. This collection features her scandalous adventures as a detective's assistant in her original black and white appearances in the Spicy Detective Stories Pulps, and her later return in the cleaned up color comics of Crime Smashers. Take a tour through the wild evolution of crime comics from the 1930s through the 1950s. Sally, of the Central Bureau, proved in her run of adventures that women could be anything: murderous doctors, gang leaders, gun molls, victimized starlets, and even detectives. Only Sally, with her uncanny ability to fight crime even partially nude, can bust the evil-doers of her city, along with her diminutive sidekick Peanuts. A sexually exploitative pulp turned wholesome crime-fighting comic, in all her incarnations Sally the Sleuth proves herself to be a daring, risk-taking detective available to do anything to crack a case!


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