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FEB181541 - The Hensachi Academy is having a real problem with the male student body forcing themselves on the women of the school. Fortunately for the student body they may have found a new hope in Komaneki and her Relief Club. Komaneki is more than willing to help quell the needs to all the boys at school since she's not only getting paid, her services are helping her progress through increasingly challenging levels of higher learning. Misaki and her two cohorts are just your average delinquent who love shaking down nerds for money. After Misaki's friend makes another mark expose himself, Misaki heads home thinking of the first time she's ever seen someone that exposed. Becoming more curious, Misaki confronts him to cure her curiosity. Curiosity XXXed the Cat is the second book published by artist/writer F4U. A near twenty year veteran of adult comics, F4U has published numerous doujins; worked for Wani Magazine under their X-Eros and Kairakuten lines; and was a contributor for the Metempsychosis art book anthology created by FAKKU & Zoom Lens. A fan favorite, FAKKU Books has also published two original stories from F4U, along with his third title, Excursion Day 99.


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