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MAR181634 - Few in the Japanese comics realm have had a greater overall impact within their genre than Oda Non. An artist that revolutionized character designs in adult content, with his buxum and bodacious characters his designs are now recognized the world over. And now he returns to the US, after his work in Queen's Blade, with his first US original publication - Non-Virgin. Phantom Thief Rogue executes her plan to steal her true love, the enticing 'Deep Diamond'. Used as an engagement Ring by one of Japan's Largest Business conglomerates, The Houjou Family, Rogue is seconds away from capturing it but is discovered by the young patriarch of the family. Will she capture her true love or will her heart be stolen by another love? The day to day life of a salaryman maybe difficult, but all those challenges are pinned when you get to come home to a cute wife who also happens to be a multi-time world wrestling champion. Non-Virgin is Fakku's first published full color release by superstar creator Oda Non. Oda's full figured art has been featured in publications by Wani Magazine, Core Magazine, and Shogakukan. His skills have also extended outside of the comics and manga realm with projects for video game companies Square Enix, Sega and Kadokawa Games. Non has also contributed art for the anime series Queen's Blade and Bikini Warriors.


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