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  • GAMMA FLIGHT #1 (OF 5)
APR210836 - SPINNING OUT OF IMMORTAL HULK, BRUCE BANNER'S GAMMA-POWERED ALLIES GO ON THE RUN! Gamma Flight had one job: Find and stop the Hulk. But when push came to smash, they sided with the Green Goliath-and the human world intends to make them regret it. Puck, Absorbing Man, Titania, Doc Sasquatch, Dr. Charlene McGowan and a horribly changed Rick Jones are fugitives from every known authority-but a team that full of gamma is bound to break before long. Al Ewing, Crystal Frasier and Lan Medina mastermind a whole new world of gamma! 32 PGS./Rated T+


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Tags: FOC 5/31/2021, Al Ewing, Crystal Frasier, Lan Medina, Leinil Francis Yu